Sunil Tatkare | Not Here to Thank You But to Express My ‘Debt’ to Everyone

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) State President and MP Sunil Tatkare expressed his gratitude by saying that I have come not to thank you but to express the ‘debt’ of everyone. He was speaking at Pen on Friday on the first day of his thanksgiving tour for winning the Raigad Lok Sabha constituency by a huge margin.

Tatkare said even though this was the first testing elections of his life, he had no doubts that Raigad voters are wise. “No matter what happens in the state, I knew Raigad is capable of miracles. I thank all the voters and citizens for their strong support,” he said. Tatkare expressed gratitude to Pen Assembly voters for bestowing faith on him from the first round itself which proved to be a major factor in his victory.

“INDI Alliance worked to pollute the atmosphere in the country. They succeeded in confusing people about spreading fake news about changes in the Consitution of India. Minorities, Ambedkarites, and Tribals alienated from Mahayuti in the elections but Penkars stood by me in support,” Tatkare said, adding, “In 2014 and 2019, the voter margin had reduced. But Penkars set a record by making up for it in the 2024 elections. Because of this, I will be able to take oath as a Lok Sabha member. I am humbled.”

Tatkare also promised that whatever proposals Pen people may have to solve water problems and other development works, those will be carried out by allocating funds through Ajitdada Pawar. He also applauded Penkars for giving majority and trouncing the political analysts who had predicted that the party will lose the seat.

Tatkare gave his word that Mahayuti will be in tandem with the demands of farmers and prioritise their work. He also said Penkars would be given priority. He emphasised that Devendra Fadnavis came, saw, and conquered after a grand succesful public rally in Pen where the foundation of the win was laid.

Tatkare also taunted PWP (SheKaPa) by stating that when Zilla Parishad elections neared, they would unfurl the Mahayuti flag in Alibaug and assume power in a way that nobody would ever take their name again.

Sunil Tatkare also made an ironic taunt that when the Zilla Parishad elections came, he would hoist the Mahayutti flag at Alibaug and take power in such a way that no one would be able to recall his name again.

Tatkare stated that Pen is an example of how to work in unity. He also mentioned Pen voters as the primary architects of the victory along with Pen MLAs Ravindra Patil and Dhairyashil Patil.

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