Sunil Tatkare | There was Propoganda That Will Trail in Alibaug, Indebted to Alibaugkars For Exterminating Propaganda

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) state president and MP Sunil Tatkare stated that there was propaganda in Alibaug against them and said he is grateful to Alibaugkars for exterminating their propaganda.

Sunil Tatkare said Alibaugkars have shown that the days of taking voters for granted are over. “I am proud of Alibaugkars that they not only ended the term of those who used to boast of their monopoly and domination but also gave us the majority. Today and tomorrow, the Mahayuti will remain united and will hoist the Mahayuti flag in Alibaug in the upcoming Assembly elections,” he said.

Tatkare stated that even though it was his eighth election, it was a thought-provoking one. “Mahayuti did not get time to erase the Opposition’s agenda of raising suspicion on the Constitution changes. Mahayuti officials reached all the voters and got the majority of 82,000 votes. Devendra Fadnavis held a public meeting at Pen and ensured the win of Raigad,” he said.

“In politics, one should always take a moderate stance. I faced political criticism but never lost patience. The opposition held a meeting at Morbe and tried to create confusion among the minorities.” But Tatkare said he worked patiently without saying anything and managed to achieve success.

Tatkare said he is proud of the fact that he was one of the 21 NDA leaders who attended the Prime Minister’s meeting in Delhi. “He even called me by my name. A tall leader like Modi calling you by your name and even asking after my daughter gave me goosebumps. All this I got to experience because of you,” he said.

Tatkare insisted that the Opposition did not contest the elections in anybody’s name but we are proud of the fact that we contested under the leadership of Narendra Modi. “Be worry-free about work; Alibaug has showered me with a lot of love and affection. I promise that even though I am elected on the NCP symbol, I will work as a Mahayuti MP,” he said.

Tatkare claimed that instead of becoming a minister, his target is the upcoming assembly elections. “We are making efforts from now itself to bring the Mahayuti government in power in the state again,” he said.

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