Pune : Jankalyan Samiti implements services in ‘Seva Bhavan’

Pune –  All the services in the ‘Seva Bhavan’ project of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Janaklyan Samiti have been implemented and these services were inaugurated by Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar, Medical Director and Trustee of Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

The Seva Bhavan project has been jointly built by Jankalyan Samiti and Dr. Hedgewar Smarak Seva Nidhi. The Seva Bhawan has a public welfare dialysis center with eighteen patient capacity as well as self-care facilities for patients and their relatives.

Dr. Anandibai Joshi Accommodation has been provided to patients and relatives. Accommodation for sixty four people will be available in this arrangement. Jankalyan health advice, guidance, counseling center also been started in the project. All these services are going to be run at minimal charges.

Mukundrao Panashik Volunteer Training Center has also been made operational. All modern arrangements and facilities with a seating capacity of one hundred and thirty six has been constructed.

All these services were inaugurated by Dr. Dhananjay Kelkar. RSS West Maharashtra Karyvah Dr. Praveen Dabadghav was present as the chief guest on this occasion. Hospitals runs by government and Charitable trusts and society have a big responsibility in case of patient care said Dr. Kelkar.

The government should ban the commission practice in the medical profession by law and reduce the cost of medical education and medical colleges. Charitable hospitals run on non-profit basis should be increased. He also expressed hope that the society should give maximum funds for the health and education systems, and that the society should strengthen the hands of the organizations that do service work like Jankalyan Samiti.

Jankalyan Samiti is an ideal example of conducting good services for the society by organizing the gentlemen of the society said Dr. Dabadghav Chairman of Jankalyan Committee Dr. Ajit Marathe gave the introduction, Rajan Gorhe, Co-Treasurer and Chandan Kataria, Co-Treasurer welcomed and Palash Devalankar, Project Co-ordinator, moderated.

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