Indians want to enjoy tourism in India during the festive season: Kayak

Mumbai: As Diwali approaches, along with the festive season, Indians’ desire to enjoy tourism is on the rise, according to new consumer research conducted by Kayak, the world’s leading travel search engine. Kayak consumer research, which surveyed 1,200 Indians, revealed that Indians are eager to enjoy travel this festive season. The festive period starts with Navratri and Dasas and continues till Diwali and Bhaubije. While it’s time for many to return to their hometowns, Kayak’s consumer research revealed that 98 percent of Indians surveyed want to enjoy tourism in India during the festive season, while 3 out of 5 Indians surveyed plan to travel internationally during the festive season. It is desired.

For those intending to travel to India, half of Indians surveyed (54 percent) plan to travel domestically two or more times. The top trending domestic destinations on Sanasudi’s Kaladarmayan Kayak are Madurai (165 percent growth in annual searches), Bhubaneswar (105 percent) and Ahmedabad (103 percent). The top trending international destinations for flights are Colombo, Sri Lanka (340 percent growth), Hong Kong (162 percent growth), Seychelles (139 percent growth) and Tokyo, Japan (128 percent growth).

This information is linked to Kayak search data (based on Indian outbound searches between January and August 2023) for travel between October and November. Compared to last year, there was a 29 percent increase in domestic airline searches and a 14 percent increase in international airline searches.

Tarun Tahiliani, India Country Manager, Kayak, said, “This year’s festive season is shaping up to be an exciting one for Indian tourists, where the majority of Indians surveyed are set to enjoy a much-awaited trip or, according to the data, multiple trips. Offering all-inclusive flights, hotel or car hire options, we at Kayak We are on a mission to help Indian tourists find the perfect holiday at attractive rates.”

72 percent of Indians say the most enjoyable thing about traveling is food, as well as shopping and exploring local markets. 45 percent of Indians prefer hotels with ‘five-star restaurants’ while choosing a hotel.

Apart from food, Indian tourists also value the culture of the destination. Residents of the country also prefer historical and mythological destinations during the festive season. Generation X (72 percent) and Baby Boomers (75 percent) prefer destinations with culture, tradition and heritage when traveling, while 64 percent of Generation Z prefer these destinations. But younger Indians – Generation Z (58 percent) and Millennials (56 percent) prefer adventure destinations, compared to 36 percent for Baby Boomers.

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