NCP Rejects Baseless Claims by Devendra Fadnavis

Mumbai, Maharashtra – The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) categorically rejects the claim made by Devendra Fadnavis, Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, regarding President’s Rule Imposed in Maharashtra after 2019 Polls on Sharad Pawar’s Suggestion”

We wish to clarify that these claims are entirely baseless and lack any factual foundation said Mahesh Tapase the Chief Spokesperson of NCP.

The NCP, under the leadership of Sharad Pawar, has consistently upheld the principles of democracy and the will of the people. We would like to remind Mr. Fadnavis that the decision to impose President’s Rule in Maharashtra was taken by the Central Government, and any insinuation that it was influenced by Mr. Pawar is false and misleading said the NCP leader.

Our party is committed to transparency and accountability in governance. Such statements by BJP leaders are purposely made to confuse the electorate who stands with Sharad Pawar saheb in Maharashtra. Despite its operation lotus the BJP has not been able to substantially damage the NCP’s vote share in Maharashtra and hence repeated attempts are being made by the Dy. CM Devendra Fadnavis to confuse the electorate. I wonder why the BJP cannot get over its obsession of Sharad Pawar said Mahesh Tapase who further added that the people of Maharashtra can never forget that the incompetent government of Devendra Fadnavis is responsible for the deaths of infants and others in Nanded and Aurangabad.

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